How do I buy Art for myself?

The age old question. What is Art? What makes it a good investment? What elements do I look for? Art can be an intimidating world and we sometimes can feel lost, while looking to buy that eluding perfect piece. I have been in the art world for a few decades, and the only thing I can say for sure, is that nobody agrees on any of the aforementioned questions!

“Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable”

What I have found however, is that buying art is a very personal process. I think the most important thing to consider, is what you are drawn to and what you love. You should feel a connection to the piece you are acquiring, the art should speak to you. Once you have fallen in love with a piece and it has spoken to your heart, price doesn’t matter and you will find joy every single time you walk past that piece, until you finally pass it down to you children. Art has been a witness to my life and a constant reminder of how incredible the human spirit is.

Here are a few tips when you buy art for your home, or as a gift:

Figure out what you like. Ultimately you have to connect with the piece. The more you get exposed to art, the more your taste will evolve, so always keep an open mind. If you really love it, trust your instincts. 

Do research. Know the different styles and techniques out there. It will make it so much easier when determining what you are looking for. Printmaking is very fashionable nowadays, but a beautiful oil canvas will always be in style.

Size does matter. You want to be sure that the artwork fits in your home. You must have a pretty good idea that you have the right wall space for an artwork before you buy it.

Authenticity. There should be a clear path from artist to owner, and it should be documented. Save all your invoices and receipts. If you eventually want to valuate or sell the work, it’s important to have this documentation.

Investment. Unless you can afford serious art, the best kind of investment is to consider looking into young, emerging artists. These pieces are cheaper and have a great potential for increasing in value.

I hope you found this useful next time you consider buying art. Did you know we also sell gift vouchers, if you would like to buy a gift for someone special? Or treat your godchild to a voucher where they can choose out their very first artwork on their own.

Happy collecting!

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