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Dear Artist,

Welcome to “OnlineArt.Gallery”, an online Art Gallery with a personal touch! We strive to make it easy and accessible for everyone to buy quality, carefully chosen, original artworks of contemporary South African Artists, delivered to your doorstep.

OnlineArt.Gallery  is a selective online art community of contemporary South African artists. We give you the opportunity to get sales and exposure every day of the year, be less dependent on art gallery shows, and especially for artists who are not living in a big city with many opportunities. Although we usually handpick our artists, artists are also welcome to apply to be represented by us.

It could be overwhelming for an artist to market their work, maintain a website and e-commerce site, and it is also lonely at times. That is where we come in. You can now have your works featured online and there is no charge to have a portfolio and online shop on our website, we work on commission only. The aim is to help artists, not exploit them.

We would like for you to use this website as your personal website, just without all the monthly overhead costs, admin, maintenance and shipping. You use your supplied personal link to promote your art on social media, share on our stories, whatsapp and email, and we do the rest! So whether you generate the sale from your side, or we do it from our side, it gets processed though your online shop on our website. A win win situation!

We would like to extend an invitation to you to have you very own, personalised art shop online!

Why would you want to use us?

  • Reach / exposure, time, costs, reliability & reputability.
  • We are an art community that supports each other.
  • It is very costly to maintain a website as well as an e-commerce site if you are on your own.
  • You might not have access to art galleries constantly, where here you have visibility 365 days of the year!
  • It will make you more independent and give you more exposure than you could on your own.
  • We save you time by taking away the headache of admin, sales and shipping.
  • We offer a personalised service, making this a stress- and risk free process for artists and art buyer.

What do We do?

  • We give you a FREE bio and personal shop link (this will feature only your art), created for you on OnlineArt.Gallery , where you can promote and sell your art from.
  • We feature you on our website non exclusively, you can still sell other works in various galleries.
  • We take 30% commission on works sold, no hidden costs, so the artist makes more money per sale.
  • We make it easy for clients buy your work on a secure site with peace of mind with our return policy and excellent after sales service.
  • We handle the shipping and delivery of sold works.

What do You do?

  • You do art.
  • We would like for you to use this website as your personal website, just without all the monthly overhead costs, admin, maintenance and shipping.
  • You use your supplied personal link to promote your art on social media, whatsapp and email (with templates we can provide), and we do the rest!
  • Like, share and comment on our social media posts, and support your fellow artists in our OAG community.
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter

What extra services do we offer?

  • We include your work in Ad campaigns, social media posts and newsletter features, provided you send us relevant information. The cost and skill of running social media campaigns could be very high and time consuming, but we love doing this full time!
  • We have monthly themed and solo virtual exhibitions,  where we showcase selected work of artists we feature.
  • We include your work in our various physical art exhibitions during the year.
  • We do interviews for podcasts and our YouTube Channel with you, to give some behind the scenes glimpses of our artists, which you can also use to promote yourself further.

How does it work:

1. Application and Approval Process:


  • All work must be your own original work and not copied.
  • You must be aged 18 years or older and a resident in South Africa.
  • We are looking for high quality work in any medium.
  • We will need a minimum of 8 works to represent an artist
  • We are looking for professional quality work by trained artists living in South Africa, however we do accept some self-trained applicants.

If you think you meet our criteria, please send us an email to and request an application form.

We review applications on a weekly basis (we will look at quality, relevance as well as our target market) and as soon as we have a decision, you will be contacted by a member of the team within 7 days. Our decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

2. Approval and Sales:


Once you have been contacted by us after approval, you need to:

  • send us a set of good quality pictures (including details) of the artworks to be submitted, as well as the necessary information on those pieces (template will be provided)
  • submit the chosen artworks to our office where it will be held for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Pay a R500 once-off fee to have your work uploaded onto the site

We have great respect for artworks and will make sure it is stored safely, but still, neither us, the curator, the venue or courier company can be held responsible for loss or damage to work – insurance is the sole responsibility of the artist. We reserve the right to terminate your representation at any time, should we feel the need.


  • We will take 30% commission off the selling price you give us, so keep that in mind.
  • We reserve the right to negotiate discount up to 10% for special events, promotions or requests.
  • Our commission covers administration, Payment gate fees, website hosting, maintenance and development, our advertising campaigns, social media and promotional activities. This is an essential part of promoting you. 
  • Other than commission, there are no hidden costs you will be liable for. It will cost you more than our commission to promote your work on your own.


You need to submit you work framed OR mounted with cardboard / backing board to make it sturdy. If it is delicate and need special packaging, you should submit it packaged the way you prefer it. We will then carefully wrap and pack it for the couriers to collect, to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition at the client.

3. Your Help:

  • You give us permission to use your artwork in promotional material and pop up exhibitions
  • This is an artist community, and in order for this community to grow, we need you to assist us by sharing your personalised link (that we supply you with) on our site to your own social media platforms, share our posts we put on social media, and assist us with a mailing list if you have existing clients
  • You have to subscribe to our Newsletter
  • Encourage your friends and clients to subscribe to our Newsletter
  • OnlineArt.Gallery has the exclusive right to market the artwork you submitted to us for the website. This prevents the risk of selling the same piece of art to two different parties. However, we do not represent you exclusively, and we encourage you to pursue any representation for your other artworks. This increases the exposure of your work. 

4. Payment:

  • Once your art is sold, you will receive an email notifying you of the sale. We will arrange for a courier to collect the sold artwork from us and deliver it.
  • We offer a 7-day return policy, which means that as soon as the 7 days are over, the money will be paid over to you, into the bank account you supplied us with.

If you think you meet our criteria, please send us an email to and request an application form.