Who And What we are

We are so excited about the launch of “OnlineArt.Gallery”, an online Art Gallery with a personal touch!

We strive to make it easy and accessible for everyone to buy affordable, quality, carefully chosen, original artworks of contemporary South African Artists, delivered to your doorstep worldwide.

Our return policy and after sales service guarantee peace of mind for the art collector. We can also help with framing options, special commissions and selecting artwork for you. Just let us know what you require. We have a variety of mediums, price ranges and artists to choose from, as well as a Gift Card you can purchase for your favourite person!

Being an artist and collector myself, I understand the intimate nature of creating and collecting art. I have a personal relationship with every artist represented on this site, and wish to bridge the daunting gap between the Artist and the Art Lover, making this experience as pleasant and smoothly for all parties involved. We would love to put art in everybody’s reach, whilst the Artist aren’t being exploited, can determine their own price and do what they do best, which is to produce more art.

If you are an artist wishing to use this as your online shop, contact us to submit your work.

Happy collecting!

annemie odendaal

Annemie Odendaal
Art Sourcing & Management

Annemie Odendaal has studied Graphic Design at the University of Pretoria, but has been in the business world her entire adult life. With her sharp business acumen, she keeps the spending habits of the other team members in check… She loves creating and collecting art, and would like to put art in everybody’s reach, whilst the Artist aren’t being exploited and believes that this platform will achieve this.

Marisma Potgieter

Marisma Potgieter

Marisma Potgieter is a financial manager, serious cyclist, amateur artist, photographer and huge art lover. When she heard of this opportunity she jumped in to help in any way she could. She is also responsible for the packaging, insuring and despatch of the artwork. An invaluable cog in this wheel.


Cor Brink
Website Development & Operations

An avid nature photographer, pilot, golfer and art benefactor, Cor Brink has had a passion for web designing and art for the greater part of his life. When he was approached to help with the development of this business, it was a natural progression of his talents and a challenge he thoroughly embraced.

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