Welcome Grady!

OnlineArt.Gallery is overjoyed to welcome Grady Zeeman to our stable. With a CV as long as my arm, this contemporary South African artists have won numerous international and national awards, and has an art history that spans over her entire life.

As a teenager,  Zeeman was surrounded by dynamic women in her family, who inspired her to be aligned with her own power, advocating women’s rights and equality. As she is interested in world history, politics, social matters, as well as emotional energy work, it is only fitting for these aspects to be woven into her paintings.

Zeeman’s passion for people – especially women, their struggles, fears, and strive for recognition and equality, is evident in her work. For her, using her art as an instrument to shed the light on current matters, is her Divine purpose. However, Zeeman believes that in order for women to empower themselves, they must focus on emotional intelligence. She relates to Kavita Ramdas who said: “ We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.” Through her artistic practice, Zeeman addresses lessons that she learned in order to strive for a happy, fulfilling life.

Her preferred medium is oil, though she starts with a thin layer of acrylic. She found that with these techniques, she could create the movement and depth that best represented emotions and energy. Her colour palette is a clear indication of her connection to her understanding of energy fields.

Characterized by melancholy with underlying aspects of spiritualism, Zeemans work illustrates sentiments relevant to the times, to which all people can relate.

In 2008, she had her first international art exhibition and then her career developed from there. She has taken part in various exhibitions in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Zeeman has also taken part in the Florence Biennale 2011, Siel de Paris 2012, London Biennale 2019, and Amsterdam Art Fair 2019. In October 2020, she had her first solo exhibition in Rome, Italy. Her work has been published in numerous books and magazines and she has been a finalist in a couple of art competitions. She has also received several international art prizes and received the African Excellence Award for Contemporary Artist of the Year, 2022.

We hope you enjoy her soulful painting on our website. Visit her portfolio to see more of her work here.


National Diploma Clothing Design – Cape Technicon – 1986-1988
Diploma in Art Appreciation – The Art Institute – 2015
Certificate in Navigating Today’s Art World: From Studios to Art Fairs – Sotheby’s Institute of Art – 2018
Certificate in Architectural Imagination – HarvardX – 2021
Certificate in Jewellery Fashion – Art for Introvert – 2021
Certificate in History of Fashion Houses – Art for Introvert – 2021.
Certificate in History of Fashion – Art for Introvert – 2021
Certificate in Hollywood: History, Industry, Art – University Pennsylvania EdX – 2022
Short Courses
Art Gallery Management and Exhibition Design – Tina Ziegler – 2020
How do we talk about art?, Dagmara Genda – Berlin Art Institute – 2021

Solo Exhibition: 23 Oct – 5 Nov 2020 – Galleria ‘ll Collezionista, Rome, Italy

Museum Exhibitions:

April 2010 – Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, USA
Oct 2020 – Oct 2021 – Zeitz MOCAA ” Home is where the Art is”, Cape Town, SA
June 2021 – Art Besteller 2021 – Bellini Museum, Florence, Italy.
July 2021 – Dante Masters Award 2021 – Bellini Museum, Florence, Italy

Biennales, Salons and Art Fairs:

Dec 2011 – Florence Biennale, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy.
Nov 2012 – SIEL de Paris Salon , Paris, France
May 2019 – London Biennale, London, UK
Aug 2019 – Amsterdam Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Group Exhibitions: Sep 2008 – “Mint Green” Exhibition,  Nieu-Delhi, India
March 2009 – International Art Fair, Gigarte, Italy
April 2009 – “Sketch it out” Exhibition, APW Gallery, New York, USA
Oct 2009 – “A Foot in the Grave” Exhibition, Ico Gallery, New York, USA
Nov 2009 – Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, USA
Feb 2010 – Artists’ Haven Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, USA
Jul 2010 – “A World of Artists” Exhibition, Artists’ Haven Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, USA
Nov 2010 – Open air exhibition on Billboards (10 x 20 ft), Southwark Bridge rd , London, UK
Nov 2010 – “A New Day” Exhibition, Auditorium al Duomo , Florence, Italy
Dec 2010 – “Artists at Home and Abroad” Exhibition, The Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
Feb 2011 – Il Cariocadi Copacabana, Ferrara Italy
April 2011 – Beijing Collection 2011, Beijing, China
Dec 2011 – “Symphony of colours” Exhibition , Auditorium al Duomo, Florence, Italy
Jan 2012 – “Broken boundaries” Exhibition, Art Approach, New York, USA
Jun 2012 – Art Takes Times Square – Billboard on Broadway between 43rd and 44th Street, New York, USA
Jun 2014 – Art Stalker, Berlin, Germany
March 2017 – Bright street gallery, Somerset West,  SA
Oct 2017 – South African Society of Artists, Cape Town, SA
Nov 2017 – Freedom in Art, City Hall Cape Town, SA
April 2018 – South African Society of Artists, Cape Town,SA
Oct 2018 – South African Society of Artists, Cape Town,SA
Dec 2019 – Gabriel Fine Arts, London, UK
Jan 2020 – PAKS Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Feb 2020 – International Masters in the Vatican, Rome, Italy

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