Putting Art in Everyone’s Hands!

We are so excited to announce our brand new OnlineArt.Gallery Functional Art Shop!!! (just pulled a muscle doing a flick flack while announcing this, we are that excited about these gorgeous products!). We would love to put art in everybody’s hands, so we have decided to put our original South African Artists’ artworks on carefully selected merchandise. Our artists have designed artwork especially for these items, and we know that these are items you would love to use on a daily basis! Of course, it also makes for a very unique gift, which would really make you very popular amongst some otherwise difficult family members… 

Here are some of the items we have just launched:

Birthday Calendar: Lapine’s Paris Adventure

A delightful 12 month flip-over Birthday Calendar that will take you through the romantic streets of Paris with Lapine, during her recent visit to France. Every picture has a location of where it was taken. Read more on the inside about the story of Lapine, and how she began her adventure. This 12 month Birthday Calendar calendar makes for a very unique gift, and can last for years! 

Journaling Notebooks

We are starting with 4 beautiful designs to brighten up your day! These notebooks fly off just about any shelf, and not only in the windy spots. They have meaning and self-expression, especially designed for OnlineArt.Gallery. We only use premium, sustainable materials from suppliers and printers based in South Africa. We only use premium papers that are farmed responsibly at sustainable sources. These books are 200 x 121mm in size (almost A5), soft cover with 64 blank pages, fountain pen friendly and finished off with durable stitch-binding, giving our books a unique high-end handmade finish.  It is big enough to capture your biggest ideas, yet small enough to carry them anywhere and fits perfectly in your jeans back-pocket!

Mugs & Cups

The only thing better than your morning coffee, is your morning coffee being served in a specially designed mug by one of your favourite South African Artists!  Not only will your taste senses be awakened, but your visual senses will be satisfied as well, giving you a smile on your face to start the day.

Placemats & Coasters

Literally an item that everybody could use and that will give joy and colour around the breakfast table. It is printed on wood, very durable and comes in a variety of designs. Express your style with a variety of beautifully designed coasters in the house, around the pool, and at your office desk. You will be the envy of your co-workers!

Just follow this link or click below to start collecting these unique, everyday usable items, and watch this space, we will be adding new products monthly.

Happy Collecting!

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