Klepetan and Melena

Artist: Alpha Greeff
Artwork: Klepetan and Melena
Medium: Dry point etching
Edition: V/E
Print Size: 9cm (h) x 10cm (w)
Framed Size: 28cm (h) x 19cm (w)


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The Croatian love story of storks Klepetan and Malena has captured the hearts of many. The two storks made their nest on a chimney in Brodski Varos in eastern Croatia more than two decades ago. The pair would fly together until poachers injured Malena’s wing 20 years ago, which left her flying capabilities restricted.

With storks being a migrating bird, this caused a problem. Every winter for the last 20 years, Klepetan would leave Croatia and make his way more than 13,000 km to the warmer climates of Africa. The more cynical among us might put it down to climate change, but whatever the reason, Klepetan has successfully made his trip back from the warmer south to rejoin with its Malena every year.

In this artwork, Klepetan visits the river bunny.

Dimensions 10 × 9 cm
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