Johannesburg Children’s Home
Artist: Mavis
Age: 14
Artwork: Flowers
Medium: Acrylic on board
Size: 51m (h) x 61cm (w)

Suggested Price: R480.00

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We are very excited to announce our partnership with the Johannesburg Children’s Home. In a plight to help them run the place as well as they do, OnlineArt.Gallery has offered to help them with their fundraising, by selling the wonderful artwork done by the children in the home, on our website.

Art is therapeutic and has been recognised as a form of therapy for many years. Classes are available at the home for the children to participate in and that is where they created these colourful works. Not everyone has a talent, but that is not important – it is the healing that is brought about, the sheer fun and enjoyment of painting, and seeing your final result.

You will see options on the prices of the children’s original artwork. Choose an amount you want to donate as price for the purchase of the artwork.

There is no commission or handling fee, so the whole amount you pay for the artwork will go to the Children’s Home. All proceeds from the sales will assist them in making fun, healing activities available for the children in their care.

Please support them by buying the artwork!

Dimensions 61 × 51 cm
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