Boundaries Series 1

Artist: Tharien Smith
Title: Boundaries series 1
Size: 43 x 59 cm
Medium: Mixed media on board


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Artist: Tharien Smith
Title: Boundaries series 1
About the Artwork: Boundaries
The term boundaries can encompass many subjects and be used in a variety of contexts. A natural boundary might be something like a river, mountain range or an ocean. Geometric and political boundaries are defined and limited by straight lines. The issues involving drawing or redrawing of political boundaries sometimes escalates into severe discontentment. Human boundaries can be very delicate…

In this body of work I am focusing on how humans cross the line. Overstepping a boundary, rule, or limit; to go too far or do something unacceptable. Instead of connecting and sharing we selfishly take liberties, with each other as well as nature.

Dimensions 43 × 59 cm
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