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Artisinal Soap Gift Pack



Here is something you deserve! These luxurious, artisinal soap bars are made with the finest, most natural ingredients using the cold process method. Each soap is handmade with love and personally prepared and packaged on a farm in the Free State. All ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, and made in small batches to ensure top quality and maximum benefits from the carefully selected ingredients.

Each soap has a special formula, generously packed with specific ingredients extracted from herbs, essential oils and super foods. To achieve that, they add – to name a few – hemp, spirulina, citrus, activated charcoal, calendula, marigold and paprika – all ingredients known for their therapeutic skin benefits, it’s antioxidant properties, essential fatty acids as well as vitamins. Clays are the perfect natural detoxifier and the salt crystals contain minerals small enough for our body and skin to absorb and draw out impurities in your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and revitalised.


Made with Coconut Oil, South African Olive Oil, Saponified organic Tallow, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, kaolin Clay, Mica, Baking Soda and various pure Essential Oils


It contains no preservatives or harmful chemicals, and is therefor suitable for all types of skin, especially dry and sensitive skin.

After use, place your soap bar on a well-drained soap dish, keeping your soap dry between uses to extend its lifetime.

Other Soaps available in this series:

– Marigold & Calendula

– Hemp & Spirulina

– Activated Charcoal

– Himalaya Salt

– Paprika & Orange

– Rooibos & Honey

Should you wish to arrange a 3 - 6 month payment plan, please contact us.

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Artisinal Soap Gift Pack


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