Our Artists: Nasina Nash

Nasina Nash is an artist who puts her heart in her paintings. Despite having a B Comm. Financial Management degree, she chose to follow her passion of art instead and went on to study Fine Arts at the Technical College of Pretoria.

She works mostly in oil, watercolour, charcoal and conte. Her favourite subjects are geology (she is otherwise known as the “rock” lady), the human form, portraits and horses.

“On my theme of the “CELEBRATION OF LIFE” , I express my admiration and awe at the evolution from the simple prehistoric life forms to the intricate and complicated physical, emotional and spiritual qualities of humans and their interpersonal relationships today.”

The incredible time span of millions of years between the simplest forms of life , through evolution to the amazing diversity of life today , all connected by the complex double helix of the DNA strands, that we all have, to define our various species. However we all share life on this earth and must therefore respect our responsibility towards one another. We are all part of one great Creation.

I also appreciate the amazing qualities of all living creatures. For me the grace of horses, these magnificent and proud partners of man is symbolic of the beauty of the entire animal kingdom. The story of man has for thousands of years been intertwined with that of the horse . And the bond between a rider and his horse is very close as the horse intuitively reacts to the emotional state of his rider. For me this special communication between man and animal is a beautiful example of the wonder of living creatures.

Nasina was also recently in the TOP 10 of the Online Art Competition: “New Beginnings”. See more of her work here: https://onlineart.gallery/product-category/artist/nasina-nash/

“I especially admire the work of Judith Mason, Philip Badenhorst, Diane Victor, Maureen Quinn, and Carl Jeppe. Some of my works are also in private collections in the UK, Australia, Canada, America, Spain and Kazakhstan.”

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