Our Artists: Hermine Spies Coleman

Creating is a way of life for me, an exploration into an unknown.  Making art is to connect with an intuitive direction to find meaning in life. Currently, I am exploring the physicality of the human body, the differences in genders and similarities between the shapes and skin of man and beast with the surface of the earth.

Shapes materialise from visual stimuli, past drawings as well as from memory, often intertwining, metamorphosing into something new; something not cognitively planned.

I enjoy working in a variety of media, as they all embody metaphors in my search for meaning.

I have a Fine Arts degree from Pretoria University, Honours in History of Art from the University of South Africa and three years training at the Art Academy in Ghent Belgium.

In 1982 I won the Uta travelling scholarship to return to Paris for another spell soaking up art inspiration in Europe.

During the seventies and eighties I held more than twenty solo exhibitions in South Africa and Europe after which I focussed on teaching.

I believe that I have learnt most of what I know and teach from practising art and working with other artists including my students. I have been teaching art for more than forty years and focus my teaching on the development of intuitive expression in my students. In 2000, I opened and ran a Creative Centre in the KZN Midland where I live now.

I encourage people to be creative through classes in painting, drawing and ceramics amongst others., by organising workshops, teaching and providing the space for other teachers to share their creative expertise at Giverny Country Studios in Curry’s Post. 

“The Power of Loss and Gain” is the title of my recent exhibition, which was a conclusion of years of working on my own art. She was recently also one of our TOP 10 finalists in the Art competition “New Beginnings”. See more of her work here:


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