Our Artists: Alpha Greeff

Alpha Greeff is an artist / printmaker who lives with her family in Hennopsrivier. I have never met a more fearless artist than her. She loves experimenting, and I am pretty sure she has tried out every technique you can think about! She is also an environmentalist and her latest art centres around the protection of the Pangolin.

She has studied Fine Arts at Wits and printmaking classes with the legendary Pretoria art teacher and printmaker, Mimi van der Merwe. This meeting had a profound impact on Alpha’s development and growth as a Printmaker and Artist.

Over the past 14 years Alpha’s approach to her art in general and Printmaking in particular, has become more and more process driven with little attention to final outcome. In this way the physical act of printmaking becomes like meditation.

Alpha loves the physical nature of printmaking and often repetitive mechanical nature of the discipline. Printmaking also lends itself to experimentation and combining different techniques and disciplines, all factors that are important to her.

Alpha’s subject matter generally reflects her own immediate world – interests, environment, travels and her family. Although she loves painting in watercolours and acrylic as well as drawing with pastel, Printmaking remains her first love. On a good day she gets to combine all of it!

The sheer scope and magic of Printmaking never ceases to amaze and delight her. See her work here: https://onlineart.gallery/product-category/artist/alpha-greeff/

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