OnlineArt.Gallery Art Competition 2021 Winner

And the winner is….. Congratulations – Danielle Jordaan!

We are so  thrilled to announce Danielle Jordaan as the WINNER of OnlineArt.Gallery’s Art Competition 2021. We hope that the R 5 000 cash prize will give your art career a boost! (lots of art materials to play with!)

Her oil paintings named “Death by Domestic Sentimentality”, “Playtime is over” & “After the breakup” was unanimously chosen by all the judges! Her technique is exceptional, and the paintings tells a very modern tale of our current situation, and fits in with our theme “Aftermath”.  If you would like to know the story behind these paintings and how she felt it related to the theme, click here.

Second Place: Karen Harkema: “The way of the Child”

Third Place: Elizabeth Tristram: “Artist Block”

Congratulations to you all!!! We wish you all the best and thank you for the effort you put into these artworks. Once again thank you to every participant, artist, judge and everybody who commented and voted on social media. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm!

Add something special to your house, and support these exceptionally talented South African Artists in the process, by buying their work here.



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