Newsletter 3 – 20 October 2019

October News: New Beginnings and Happy Endings!

As October is waning, I realise that the year is drawing near to a screeching halt. It is however the most exciting time of the year for me. It is a bitter sweet mixture of both new beginnings – as our sunny summer is finally here, so is Inktober – and happy endings – as everybody is reflecting on their lives, starting to make holiday plans, and best of all, holiday shopping

The past month has been exceptionally good for us, thanks to you! We have had unexpectedly great sales for the month. Thank you so much for supporting our artists. We stay committed to supporting artists by helping them put the most money into their pockets, and to put art into every art lover’s reach.

We are so privileged and blessed to have so many talented Artists featured on our website. Did you know that a lot of them has lived in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Art to further their art, or traveled abroad to broaden their horizons. Quite a few of them has Masters degrees in Art, and some of them are completely self taught, producing beautiful original artwork!

That’s right. We have artists from all walks of life that we represent. Just as we have collectors from all walks of life. We have serious collectors, as well as students who loves buying art, and this is in line with our philosophy, which is to make good contemporary South African art accessible to every art lover.

So before you just randomly buy art again, go to the bio’s of the artists and find out a little more about them. See who you connect or relate to, and start your art collection from there. After all, art is supposed to make you feel, connect and enjoy!

“For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the starts make me dream”

 Vincent van Gogh

We also had a group exhibition in Midstream which created a lot of interest in our talented artists’ work. Thank you to everybody who popped in, bought something, or shared our posts, we appreciate it. Click here to see pictures and read more about it.  We will have 3 exhibitions a year, so make sure you keep an eye open for them!

Thanks again for visiting our site. Feel free to send us comments, suggestions, or ask questions about your art needs. 

Happy collecting!

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