Our Artists: Annemie Odendaal


Annemie has taken up Fine Arts a couple of years ago, and has since won us over with her beautifully executed linocuts. She is inspired and fascinated by the human spirit and the balance between beauty and ugliness in everything encountered in her everyday life, love and travels. After obtaining her BA(BK) Information Design degree, …

Covid-19 Lockdown Announcement


Dear Art Friends, Across South Africa lives and businesses are going through an unprecedented scale of decisions and uncertainty. These are challenging times for all of us. We would like to continue to service our loyal customers and support our artists who might be struggling more during these extraordinary times, therefore OnlineArt.Gallery remains open for …

How to win an Art Competition

Art comp

As you have heard, we have an exciting Online Art Competition with a very tempting prize! We love discovering new artists, and would want to give everyone the best possible chance to win. We therefore thought it might be helpful to give you a few tips when entering an art competition. Hope you find this …

Our Very First Art Competition!


We are so excited to announce our very first Art Competition! OnlineArt.Gallery will be ONE year old in August, and to celebrate this, we are hosting an Art Exhibition that will inspire people to make, buy and fall in love with Art. We have been so blessed with your support over this short period of …

4 Tips to Kick off the New Decade with a Bang!


Who doesn’t just looove a new beginning? The start of a New Year is no different, and a new Decade, even more significant! The thought of a New Year instill some kind of re-evaluation in our lives and we are more acutely aware of turning a page. We feel excited about new possibilities, and in a …

The Power of Loss and Gain


 “Gain disguised as loss” is a potent artist’s tool. To acquire it, simply, brutally, ask “how can this loss serve me? Where does it point my work?”. The answers will surprise and liberate you. The trick is to mobilise pain as energy. The key to doing that is to know, to trust, and to act …

Feel, Connect & Enjoy!


We are so privileged and blessed to have so many talented Artists featured on our website. Did you know that a lot of them has lived in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Art to further their art, or traveled abroad to broaden their horizons. Quite a few of them has Masters degrees in Art, …



In the spirit of Inktober this month, we thought we would celebrate it and encourage you to participate. Inktober is a month long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker, that is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink …

Our First Winner


Don’t you just love “firsts”? We are so thrilled to announce that Hannah McSeveney is the winner of our very first competition! She was over the moon, and is completely in love with the artwork she received.  “It is such an honour to win this fantastic artwork! I can’t wait to hang it in my …

Our Very First Art Exhibition!


As many of you know, we had our first OnlineArt.Gallery Art Exhibition the end of September, and what an exciting weekend we had! We have met so many interesting people, and had the opportunity to showcase our artists’ work in the beautiful Hutton Function Venue in Midstream. We had almost 200 artworks on display and …

What do you see?

What do you see

As an artist, you are required to look at things a little differently, a little deeper. Paint that emotion behind the eyes, capture the magic that isn’t visible on the surface. You have to look at an object and see how things really are. You can not draw from memory, you have to really look …

Celebrating One Month!


First of all, I would like to thank the Artists who supported us blindly, by giving us artwork to start with, even before they had any idea how the website was going to look like and work. Without your leap of faith, we would not have been…

How do I buy Art for myself?

Framed Art

What I have found however, is that buying art is a very personal process. I think the most important thing to consider, is what you are drawn to and what you love. You should feel a connection to…

Our Growing Community


If you love our art, or a specific artist, let us know! If you are an artist who wish to use this online facility, pop us an email and we can have a look at your work.We always welcome good art, and remember, our main two goals are to support artists by helping them put the most money into their pockets, and to put art into every art lover’s…

Our very first sale!

first sale

We are still in shock! In the midst of testing the website, sorting out bugs, publishing the shop to our Facebook page, editing products, having a meeting for the next big addition to the site; we had our very first sale! And to make things even better it was a sale for our Charity!

Welcome to Online Art.Gallery


A very hearty, arty welcome to our brand new site: OnlineArt.Gallery. We are very excited to present it to you, and believe that every Artist, Art Lover and Art Collector will find something here