New Directions

Conceptual artist, Karen Harkema, has surprised us with a whole new body of digital artworks. She was runner-up in our annual competition with her oil paintings, but this artist loves to experiment, grow, and pushing the boundaries.

The digital art works that she created is in a way a conglomerate of the creative expressions and experiences of her life. “From the photographs I took with my dad as a child, the flowers my mom and I arranged for weddings, the clothes I made at university, the paintings I’ve painted as a mother, all these artistic expressions and more I layer and weave together as one.
My work is not minimalistic. I purposely bury multiple images and ideas into a work in an attempt to describe the multifaceted nature of being alive.”

Tracing your silhouette is the act of tracing a line around your human shadow. This was the start of her contemporary digital collages – a natural progression from her previous works. Her “Nested silhouettes”
project consists of six brand new artworks, and she has already won accolades with her “Unspoken” portrait collage. This series was created with multiple female portrait images layered into one.

According to the old nursery rhyme, little girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice, and apparently young women are made of ribbons and laces, and sweet pretty faces.

How do women today consolidate the complexity of their lives, their unspoken hopes, deep seated sometimes embarrassing fears, repressed ideas, forgotten desires, unconscious impulses, apparent weaknesses, and hidden perversions, with the innocent and sweet expectations often set before us?

The Nested Silhouettes – series is an unpacking of women: Her multiple forms, her shadow, her chaos, her desires, and powerful energy. It is an exploration of the face she has been told to mask from the world.

Visit our art store to explore her various series of artworks.

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