Meet the Maker: Dorothy du Plessis

Dorothy du Plessis

For a large part of my life I have been involved in design, Textile Design and Mosaic Design. I have always had an interest in painting. In 2007 I held my first solo exhibition at the National Art Festival in Grahamstown. The need to paint has become more and more urgent in the last few years. I’ve had the time to act on the internal desire. In my paintings I try to capture an atmosphere, the spirit of landscape rather than an actual recognisable place.

I travel by car between the Eastern and Western Cape often and as the driver I can’t observe the landscape in absolute detail, so in my paintings I’ve put across what I remember seeing from the road, and what I imagine might be out there.

Living on the coast I have the privilege of walking our beach every day. I have the opportunity to watch light change, the mood of the sea and the clouds build up with the wind. In my paintings I aim to reflect the ether, the temper, the spirit of where sea meets land. Ultimately, I’d like my beach paintings to appeal to a broad audience, not only those who know Boesmansriviermond / Kenton on Sea.

I love working on paper and on board. Paper gives a translucence I find appealing. Board is lovely for a harsher approach. I use oil paint, but seldom only use paint. A combination of media gives me the textures and movement I strive for. To view her body of work, please follow this link:

Water Lands – Dorothy du Plessis
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