Lockdown Madness: Elizabeth Tristram

Planning is a tough one right now because of the current world we are living in. I have always been a planner – queen of lists and schedules. So much so that people have actually asked me to teach workshops and classes on how to do that stuff. Unfortunately right now I think everyone is holding on to their goals for dear life while they watch their plans dissolve in front of their eyes. I am one of those.

The virus has disrupted everything and challenged our notions of what we thought was permanent and stable. We are all realising just how much we take for granted. The best we can do is try plan the things we can control. Plan your day, plan your dinner, plan your next read. My current plan is to focus on what I can do to help within my own capacity.

How are you guys doing? Are you safe? Are you fed? Are you running out of toilet paper? I’m on day 17 of social distancing/isolation/ lockdown/quarantine – whatever the hell you want to call it. And I’m not going to lie – I’m starting to lose touch with reality a bit. Although, reality is a little bit s@#$ right now so maybe that’s okay? I’ve tried to keep my normal routine going but unfortunately my normal routine has morphed into sleeping late, having coffee, doing some form of housework and then getting lost in a book. Thank god for Kindle Unlimited! ⁣

I’m towing this weird fine line between wanting to pretend none of this is happening and feeling all of the anxiety because WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. I have a lot of things on my To Do List (get-your-ass-back-into-real-life-this-is-not-a-holiday-List). ⁣

Some of the things on the list-with-a-long-name include online art classes/workshops (trying to figure out how), creating a series of paintings, figuring out how to sell art during corona. This is a monotype that I did pre-apocalypse, I might give it to my mom to draw over or sell it as is. Not sure, what do you guys think?⁣

How is social distancing going for you guys? What are you up to? How do you keep motivated? What’s the hardest part?

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