Hermine Coleman’s place – Giverny

During a recent road trip through the Midlands Meander, OAG took the time to pop in at one of our wonderful, talented artists, Hermine Coleman.

Herminie’s farm is called “Giverny”, and aptly so, as she has been hosting various art workshops, classes and retreats for the past 21 years.

“I believe that I have learnt most of what I know and teach from practising art and working with other artists including my students. I have been teaching art for more than forty years and focus my teaching on the development of intuitive expression in my students.”

The luscious surroundings, trees, and the breathtaking view of the hills in the background is already enough to get the creative juices flowing! Hermine is a true art ambassador, working tirelessly to promote emerging artists, inspire working artists, and is passionate about teaching and learning new things. We had a lovely chat with her about all things art. Her career spans over decades with many accolades, and she is a very interesting, informed woman.

To be creative means to be in love with life. Creating is a way of life for Hermine, an exploration into an unknown.  Making art is to connect with an intuitive direction to find meaning in life. She enjoys working in a variety of media, as they all embody metaphors in her search for meaning.

She holds a Fine Arts degree from Pretoria University, Honours in History of Art from the University of South Africa and three years training at the Art Academy in Ghent Belgium. She won the Utah travelling scholarship to return to Paris for another spell soaking up art inspiration in Europe.

We were honoured to have finally met her in person, and really enjoyed the visit.  Should you wish to attend any workshops in that area, contact us and we will help set it up.

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