Veronica Vosloo
Veronica Vosloo

The urge to create something has always been a strong encouragement. Nature and people fascinates me. Africa is in my blood – it is part of my DNA. All creatures on this continent inspires and uplifts me – especially birds of Southern Africa, and the indigenous Nguni cattle. Africa has such a rich diversity of life and landscapes! A million photos in a day.

Through my work as librarian/teacher at a pre-vocational school, I’ve come to realize that students of an institution like this, have a stigma of not being like other “normal” young adults. Through my portraits of them, I try to show that there is no such thing. The portraits are of human beings interacting with birds and they might as well be from any walk of life – no branded predispositions. Painting flowers is another passion – in/out of focus like the use of depth of field in a photograph without trying to be photo-realistic. With every genre I tackle it is also as if yet another style of painting emerges in terms of execution. I would not like to be tied to one specific style. I mainly paint in oil on canvas and sometimes like to include copper/silver leaf.

Art Qualification & Training

  • 4 year degree: B.LIS(Library & Info. Science) Free State University Major in History of Art (1994)
  • Stained Glass course (1997)
  • Oil Painting course (1998)
  • 2 Years B.A. Fine Arts University of South Africa (2003/2004)
  • Post-Graduate In Education: University of South Africa (2006/2007)
  • Completed Diploma in Art Therapy from Centre of Excellence 2021
  • Various joint artist Exhibitions like JABULISA for artists in KZN and various Carnegie Art Gallery (Newcastle) joint exhibitions. Also UNISA student exhibition

White Blossoms

107 × 6 × 92 cm

Girl with blue Waxbills

83 × 3 × 120 cm

White blossoms in blue

61 × 5 × 76 cm

Hiatus Triptych

60 × 10 × 60 cm
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