Martie Uys
Martie Uys

Martie Uys – The Person

  • Born in Cape Town
  • Studied Education at the Normaal Kollege Pretoria 1977 – 1980
  • I’ve been married to Thys Uys for 40 years. Thys is a farmer in the Volksrust and Vrede area.
  • I’m a mother to 3 children and grandmother to 4 grandchildren
  • I’ve been living on our farm in the beautiful Volksrust/Vrede/Memel area since 1990. Here I am inspired by the natural beauty of the area.
  • I am a teacher for Grade 12 Biology, Consumer Studies and Art and Culture in Perdekop.
  • Besides being a teacher, I also paint and manufacture natural essential oil and sheep fat based soap and skin products.

Martie Uys – The Artist

Medium & Style

  • I paint in both oil and acrylics
  • I like bright, clean colours. My work is very colourful and bright.

Themes & Inspiration

  • I mainly paint landscapes and streetscapes but also still lifes.
  • My inspiration comes from nature, especially the strong colours of the veld during autumn – strong yellows, orange and reds.
  • Our area provides enough beauty and inspiration to excite any artist.
  • We travel frequently to diverse destinations accross the world, which is a wonderful source of inspiration for landscapes, streetscapes, architecture and people.

Training and Professional Development

  • I completed 20 modules in Visual Arts at UNISA
  • I frequently attend art workshops held by the following artists:
    • Nic Oosthuizen
    • Sonnett Olls
    • Nico van Rensburg
    • Dale en Mel Elliot
    • Willie Jacobs
    • Walter Voigt
  • These artists have had a big influence on my work
  • I also create my own opportunities for hosting art workshops on the farm, where I invite acclaimed artists to come share their knowledge with us:
    • Among other visiting artistis at my Farm Art Workshops:
      • Nico van Rensburg
      • Sonnette Olls
      • Willie Jacobs
    • Artists and upcoming artists come to socialise and learn together.
    • These are great opportunities for local artistis who are often not able to travel
    • The art workshop courses usually span 3 to 5 days
    • Studens from Pretoria to Jeffrey’s Bay come to attend these Farm Art Workshops
  • I make these art workshops an opportunity to share art, food, and friendship. Attendees are treated on home-baked bread and traditional farm meals and they also become friends.

My Philosopy

  • I believe every person has it in him to be creative. One needs only a little bit of inspiration and a lot of faith in yourself!
  • I like to create opportunities for inspiration and creativity for myself and others.
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