Observing, feeling and breathing the rose, has led her to often represent the rose in her paintings and sculptures. The massive metal rose sculptures that welcome the guests at the entrance of Ludwig’s Roses and the suspended art installation of her prodigious petal project for Prof. Thuli Madonsela are examples of this.
Heike Taschner Jeske
Heike Taschner Jeske

Heike grew up on Ludwig’s Rose Farm, amidst many different roses, people and influences. She researched the medicinal and healing qualities of the rose, experimenting with distillation of the rose petals into rose water used in food and on the body. She has always been creative and is a naturally energetic person, who is always pushing to expand and create. Emotion, movement and nature inspire her. She uses mixed media and bravely explores all art forms.

Art Qualification & Training
  • Technicon Pretoria
  • Fine Art
  • BTech Interior Architecture (Cum Laude)
  • Studio at Dionysus Sculpture Works and print making under Albertus Van der Westhuizen

Single White & Shadow

39 × 1 × 27 cm

Fruit of the Rose

53 × 3 × 63 cm

Enough CoV#01

43 × 3 × 53 cm

Herd Immunity CoV#01

43 × 3 × 53 cm
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