Elmarie Robin
Elmarie Robin

I am a farm girl and creative at heart. For as long as I can remember, art and creativity has been part of my life. I enjoy a variety of art mediums from textile design to painting, doing murals or giving life to worn-down furniture and expressing my creativity through gardening.

Through my art, I want to bring a message of hope. There is beauty and greatness behind every mark of darkness. “Beauty from ashes” personifies my life. 

I am inspired by people, flowers from my garden, our beloved farm, and life’s journeys. Currently I am mostly working in oils or mixed media on canvas. I’ve had wonderful mentors through my life. Sonette Olls, Nic Oosthuizen, Dale Elliot and Willie Jacobs to name a few.

I live on my childhood Highveld farm, from where I am running an animal feed business and exploring my art and creativity. I recently started working under the artist name Ella.

I am currently working on a series of paintings that I call “Wonder”. In these paintings, I explore creative freedom, with inspirational thoughts, writings or songs. I combine this with things that I love – flowers, people and vibrant colour.

I believe that just like life, art is a journey. We grow, explore, and discover beauty as we dare to wonder.

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