Dewald Fourie is a professionally trained oil paint artist. His meticulous attention to detail and quality art products make his painting extremely attractive to collectors.

Dewald Fourie
Dewald Fourie

He grew up on a farm in Marble Hall, Limpopo and always loved to draw. From a young age he used to design and illustrate his own characters. He was especially inspired by comic book characters and loved how the artists depicted the figures and anatomy. His dad, who also painted from time to time, had a collection of Art books he used to study and learned about the old masters.

After his school years, he moved to Germiston to finish his studies as an apprentice. He loves to paint conceptual realism and is inspired by different kinds of people and figures.

“In the church I was involved in, I met a lady who was teaching Fine arts at the time. She saw some of my drawings and encouraged me to enrolling for her classes. I enrolled for three years and received a Bachelor of Divinity degree in Fine arts. A few years later I enrolled for a Visual arts course in an advanced training program offered at Umdali Institute. I have since being involved with Umdali Institute, teaching Fine arts as a subject for 1st year and 2nd year students on a part time bases.”

​”When I paint, I look for ways to compose my subjects as to tell a story or give meaning to every painting. I would like people to be able to relate with what I am painting in some way. Therefore, the concept and not just the technique, becomes important in my artwork.”

His preferred mediums to work in is oil, charcoal, and graphite. He has done portrait commissions, murals, still life and wildlife paintings, among others.

Art Qualification & Training

– Bachelor of Divinity degree in Fine Arts (2008)
– From 2012-2013 received further training in Visual Arts in an advanced training program Umdali offered for two years a higher certificate in Fine and Studio Art (Level 5).

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