Brendon Bairstow
Brendon Bairstow

Brendon Bairstow is a South African artist, residing in Cape Town. He is a visual artist, husband, father, space clearer, inner wellbeing promoter, and student of life.

His interests are many and varied, from the arts to the metaphysical, from analysing the way people think to helping them give of their very best selves.

“I paint because I have to. The voice inside is too powerful to ignore. I am self-taught, trial and error being my ever-present studio companions. Working in oils, I love the idea of simplifying a concept into its most basic forms of light and texture.”

His deepest inspiration comes from nature and the elements. He is fascinated by the way energy transforms from one state to another. Water, in particular, has captivated him since childhood, not only physically but also spiritually.  He also had the pleasure of learning from well-known South African artist Henry Symonds.
Brendon worked in mixed media and acrylic at first, but once he discovered oils, he was hooked. The way oils catch the light and fill the eye with detail, not to mention texture, never gets old for him. His work has become a reflection of his own inner journey towards self-realisation.

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