And the winner of our Art Competition is….

Congratulations Dewald Fourie!!!!

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of OnlineArt.Gallery’s first Art Competition’s R5000 cash prize, is Dewald Fourie from Germiston!!!

His oil painting named “Guardian” was unanimously chosen by all the judges! His technique is exceptional, and the painting tells a beautiful story that fits right in with our theme “New Beginnings”. This traditional painting with a modern, current, relevant theme, is highlighted by the vulnerability of the little shirtless boy who needs to take over from his dad, whether he is ready or not. He represents all the fears and obstacles of today’s society, and how we need to grow through it.

Dewald Fourie at work

“I was inspired by a poem called ‘The little chap who follows me’. I wanted to paint a scene with a father giving training to his son. It’s a new day and the training has begun.  I started of with a drawing. In this stage I focused on the composition and proportions. I used reference photos of different scenes. Next I did the under painting where I grouped the values. In my first painting stage, I was more specific on the colour and edges. After that came the finishing where I spend the most time to get the values and colour correct.”

“Technically the work has been very well executed and content-wise it speaks about the challenges parents and children in South Africa are facing in the light of the country’s many dilemmas” 

Prof. Elfriede Dreyer

In the picture you can see Dewald’s work in progress of the winning piece in his studio.

Dewald is married and has two children. He is young and dynamic, and very professional. It was a pleasure to work with him, and we hope that the R 5 000 prize money will give his art career a great push! We are proud to have him as one of OnlineArt.Gallery’s artists, and welcome him to our online community with open arms.

We would like to encourage you to support him and his dream, by buying his art on our website. Follow this link to see more of his artworks.

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