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Mimi van der Merwe

Conversation 2

15.5 × 20 cm

Annemie Odendaal

Healing 4

26 × 35 cm

Hermine Spies Coleman

Transition to another mindset

110 × 80 cm

Joseph Muzondo

My Blessed Family

40 × 58 cm

Lucas Bambo


30 × 23 cm

Loeritha Saayman

Nowhere to grow

29.5 × 41 cm

Nellien Brewer


21 × 15 cm

Annemie Odendaal

Healing 1

22 × 30 cm

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Services we Offer

We are constantly looking for new ways to make art more accessible to everyone, and to make your experience easy, convenient and safe. That is why we offer the following value added services to you, our valued customer, art lover and artist:
Buying Art: Feeling a bit overwhelmed? No worries, we will gladly assist you with free advice or a consultation. Here are a few guidelines though. 
Corporate Needs: If you require assistance in buying art for an office and need a cohesive look, please contact us, and we can out together a proposal for you.
Framing Options: Many of the artworks are unframed, giving the buyer a unique opportunity to put your personal stamp on the artwork, by choosing the perfect frame. Contact us, should you would like us to assist you in this process.
Fine Art Printing: We offer a Professional large format Fine Art Printing Service for Artists & Photographers (canvas / paper)
Courier Service: We can ship your art purchase anywhere locally or internationally, please enquire.
Artist Support: We offer a free online shop and portfolio to our artists at the lowest commission in SA, putting more money into the artist’s pocket, and dealing with all the admin and shipping details. We also offer exhibition opportunities.
Would you like to support a charity? We can put you in touch with the Johannesburg Children’s Home, where you can donate and get one of their children’s artwork in return.

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    We are very excited to announce our partnership with the Johannesburg Children’s Home. In a plight to help them run the place as well as they do, OnlineArt.Gallery has offered to help them with their fundraising…

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